The title message, ‘Who do you think you are?’’ is appropriate and significant sentence to describe implicatively it's philosophy as well as the brand concept of 59 HYSTERIC EYEWEAR.

Who do you think you are ?, it is interrogative sentence asking by third party about one’s reason for being everybody must have thought at least once.

Every human being has a death ahead but lives their limited life with different worth and standard for happiness or misfortune.

Human is always alone and lonely.

And weak.

【 59 】

60 is not only the number for 60 seconds and 60 minute but also the closest unit of lifetime.

Yes, human is living a moment. 59 is one less than 60. Human is weak and pitiful from birth.

Time has perfection as 60 but human has limit as 59.


The left demo lens of 59 HYSTERIC eyewear says ‘STILL CRAZY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS’.

Actually, it is the same as the song title of Simon And Garfunkel. The contents of this song is similar as below.

[ One night, he run into old lover by chance on the street. They shared awkward and glad smiles and drank a beer. He thought that he is still crazy for her after many years. ]

The motive of 59 HYSTERIC is a yearning and longing for extraordinary geniuses who lived tragic lives. I am still crazy and miss them even though a long time has slipped since they passed away. I translated the CRAZY into HEART FLUTTER by my way.

‘STILL CRAZY AFTER ALL THESE YEARS’ express endless longing and respect for them made pitiful and weak human being significant.

I am still crazy after all these years.

2009 OCT 9 HAKUI.