The design concept for plastic frame of 59 Hysteric eyewear is [FUSION VINTAGE] and [80’S JAPAN] is for metal frame. All the frames of plastic and metal are designed with the theme of ‘New taste even after many years’.

Also the character and achievement of people from 59 Hysteric’s model names are important element for design.

Nowadays, so many vintage optical frames are released, but 59 Hysteric eyewear strives to be differentiated from other brands by unique color sheets and combination of colors. The metal frames of this brand were remade for a modern look with concept of the nostalgia of 80’s Japan. Contemporary colors were added to the front frame with the 80’s look and it has came up with fantastic result it looks like rustic eyewear but actually it is fabulous optical frame if you have a close look.


Most of hinges of 59 Hysteric eyewear are 7 barrel hinge. Hinge is the most important part which connect the front frame and the temples of eyewear.

Frequent fold and unfold the temples by using eyewear could cause unscrew and change the shape.
To improve this kind of defect, 59 Hysteric eyewear use 7 barrel hinge and it creates visually stable and graceful atmosphere also.


All marks on the inside of 59 Hysteric metal frames were laser engraved and it also make customer feel high quality differentiation through improving defect that removes easily the prints inside of temples by using for a long time and maximized the satisfactions of 59 Hysteric eyewear.
Also the each pattern on the bridge and rim shows attractive vintage style.