Fusion vintage

The design concept of 59 Hysteric eyewear is Fusion Vintage.

All the eyewear is designed with the theme of ‘New taste even after many years’.

Nowadays, so many vintage eyewear brands are released meanwhile, 59HYSTERIC eyewear strives to be Differentiated from other brands by using unique original parts and combination of function and design.

They were remade for a modern look with the concept of nostalgia of 1980’s japan.

Contemporary colors were added to the eyewear with the 1980’look and it came up with fantastic result.

It looks rustic at the first glance but actually it is fabulous if you have a close look and use it.

For the visual impact, we use red screws (OS lock screws) for all the connection parts.

It has more preventive effects against becoming loose easily than other normal screws.

The Most important elements for design are the character and achievements of people.Who became 59 hysteric's model name.

We always try to find good points of design from each person when we make new models.